What are the key principles?


In the quest for memorable victories, it is sometimes tempting to ignore the alarms of your body and your mind. Go further, yes. Going too far, no. Our team is here to find the right balance; your health is our priority.


In order to keep the fun in the game, the wellness box should never be neglected! Our mission is to ensure that the conditions remain ideal throughout your career.


Motivation is linked to passion: the passion to play, the passion to vibrate, the passion to win. Deep down, it drives us and guides us towards the path of performance. Like a compass, we stay on your side to guide you in this search.

Optimising? Yes, but what?


A mind of steel to triumph! With Optim Mental, we fight the preconceived ideas that parasitize your mind. No magic formula but an expertise based on academic research. Tailor-made support to refine your mental preparation with methods, techniques and tools adapted to your profile.


An unfailing physical condition to keep up with the pace! With Optim Fitness, training will no longer hold secrets for you. Ready to push your limits while keeping the pleasure of playing and avoiding the risk of injury? We have put together a complete programme for you.


Eat well to play well! With Optim Nutrition, we put away the clichés of a diet based on deprivation and frustration. Because your plate is the best fuel to optimise your performance, our experts are there to advise you on a rich and varied diet.


Health first! With Optim Medical, practitioners analyse the evolution of your health to prevent any risk of overheating. Cyber-athletes also need regular check-ups to recharge their batteries.

Optim Plus

Leave nothing to chance! Optim Plus, is also a clever mix of science and technological innovation. We have prepared an explosive cocktail for you with professionals who are recognised in their field. The goal? To coordinate their strengths so that you are ready on D-day.

Optim: Yes, but for whom?


Whether you are a top player or dreaming of becoming one, Optim's team is at your disposal to define your goals. We then propose a plan of attack to reach them!


With Optim, you will be able to put together a staff that matches your ambitions. Our team is made up of qualified and competent professionals with experience in different structures. Whatever your game of choice, our watchword is adaptation.

Talent agency

We are here to bring out the best in you. Your talents deserve personal guidance. Their career may not be a smooth one, but we can provide them with the guidance they need to develop.


The esport universe is vast: players, but also streamers, casters, hosts... All these jobs are based on performance at a specific time and in public. The Optim team brings you its skills to build your business in the long term.

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