Optim Fitness

How do you optimise your physical abilities?


When execution rhymes with precision, coordination is played out on the razor's edge. Handling precise and efficient gestures to perfection to make a difference. Nothing more, nothing less.


Good posture is not a detail. Long hours of training have consequences: tension, repetitive movements. Working on your flexibility and posture will help you avoid injuries and gain consistency.

Muscular endurance

Deep down, your body is capable of the best. With Optim Physique, long training sessions will allow you to be comfortable throughout your games. Your body will thank you!


Stay hungry, stay foolish. Talent is nourished by hard work: reaction time and muscular reactivity will make the difference against an opponent of equivalent level.

Injury prevention

Winning once is one thing, winning consistently is another. A successful athlete is an athlete who lasts. We anticipate all events to avoid injuries.


Months of preparation for a few decisive seconds. Whatever the sport, a competition must be prepared in advance. With Optim Physique, we support you so that you are ready, right up to the last minute

OPTIM Fitness: The team

Théo "Cihow" POLLEDRI

Optim founder and fitness trainer


Fitness trainer


Fitness trainer


Yoga and stretching teacher