Optim Mental

How to optimise your mental?

Goal setting

To perform, you need to know where to go! Goal setting is a beacon that will guide you, whatever your mood. With clear, precise, measurable and motivating goals, the path becomes more visible.


Confidence is the first step towards success. It generates motivation and enjoyment for yourself or your team, both of which are essential for performance and well-being. A good mental preparation is an ideal launching pad to reach the highest level.


Alone we go faster, together we go further! This famous quote perfectly sums up the importance of group dynamics. Our approach aims to identify the roles of each person in order to create links and complementarity.

Stress and emotion management

Because emotions can be double-edged, mastering them provides a significant advantage over your opponents. In the short, medium and long term, this work is valuable for the player and his team.


A moment's inattention... and it's drama. In competition, the slightest loss of attention can be fatal. There is training to keep your focus and concentrate on the right information.

Arousal level

Awaken the beast within you by controlling your state of alertness. Techniques (relaxation or activation) exist to be in the optimal state at the desired moment.

Optim Mental: The team

Théo "Cihow" POLLEDRI

Optim founder and mental coach


Optim co-founder and mental coach

Karine NOGER



Yoga, relaxation and breathing teacher