Optim Plus

How to go further?


We believe in science. Our team is made up of qualified professionals using scientific methods to take action in the esport field.

Sharing knowledge

A source of inspiration for the future. Top athletes sponsor Optim and regularly share their experiences (career management, training, image...) with the gamers.


Optim's ambition is to build a real synergy thanks to the quality of its staff. Each member of the staff brings his or her expertise and energy to provide the cyber-athlete with a complete vision of his or her development.


Everything must run smoothly. To achieve this, planning is meticulous. There is no chance, every second of work is optimised


Innovation is at the core of Optim’s development. We design training tools specific to gamers in order to be as close as possible to their evolution

OPTIM Plus: The team

Théo "Cihow" POLLEDRI

Optim founder, performance manager and general coordinator

Samuel Honrubia

Optim ambassador and professional handball player (PAUC)


Optim ambassador and volleyball professional player (Milan)


Optim ambassador and chessboxing world champion